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IIBA Australia - Canberra - DAMA Joint Event - Life in the post-Big Data era: Integrating Big Data into existing data architecture

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 -
5:00pm to 7:00pm
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Management concerns fall into broad categories:

  • Implementing change that effectively improves performance
  • Processing lots of information without gaining appreciable insight
  • Securing real returns from technology investments.

Data, of course, is at the heart of all of these and other organisational complaints. Having entered the post-big data era, to what-and-where are organisations to turn to address these challenges? The answer is to rely on organisational capabilities.

The need for and approaches to these new data requirements are faced by virtually every organisation. Before creating solutions, it is important to understand how these new technological capabilities can be harnessed toward organisation strategy.

This talk demystifies the concept of big data adding value - providing the basis for a more objective discussion of its capabilities/limitations and how both more data and better techniques can benefit your organisation.

Speaker Biography: Peter Aiken
Peter Aiken is acknowledged to be a top data management (DM) authority. As a practising data consultant, author, and researcher, he has been actively performing and studying DM for more than 30 years. His expertise has been sought by some of the world's most important organisations, and his achievements have been recognised internationally.

He has held leadership positions and consulted with more than 75 organisations in 27 countries across numerous industries, including defence, banking, healthcare, telecommunications, and manufacturing. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and author of 10 books (latest: "Your Data Strategy"), multiple other publications, and he hosts the longest running and most successful webinar dedicated to data management (hosted by Dataversity.net).

Peter is the Founding Director of Data Blueprint, a consulting firm that helps organisations leverage data for competitive

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Event Details: 
Date: Tuesday, 23rd May 2017 Time: 5:00pm for Registration, 5:30pm Presentation, 6:30pm Networking Fee: Free for all IIBA Australia Chapter members and $60 (GST Inc.) for Non-IIBA Australia Chapter Members.
Event Location: 
National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton 2601
Peter Aiken
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