Great Event in Canberra - Being Agile Vs Doing Agile

Another great event in Canberra, with more than 70 people in attendance to hear Erin Zimmer talk about Agile and her real-life experiences in implementing it in a Federal Government Agency.  The presentation was very wll recieve, thank you Erin for a genuine, honest and insightful view of using Agile and in being Agile when delivery projects in the Public Service.

The event had a great buzz and air of excitement, we a massive turnout for the drinks and networking.  These events have been a great way for Canberra Business Analysts to connect with each other and share their stories and ideas.  More than a few Business Analysts have found new and exciting roles thanks to these networking opportunities.

If you have a story or photos from your local IIBA Event, we would love to hear about them!  Please send your thoughts and pictures to!