Share Your IIBA Volunteer Experience

Working with our global Membership, the Volunteer team is committed to creating opportunities that empower volunteers to share their ideas and expertise, to provide a positive experience and to promote IIBA®
The power of volunteerism 
"I am really enjoying the IIBA exam writing volunteer work. It is a very enriching experience and the team at PSI are amazing.  I am looking forward to more engagement with IIBA. I am an advocate of IIBA and the BABOK® since 2012. It has really solidified our profession and helped us acknowledge our areas of strengths and weaknesses for future development."  ~  IIBA Volunteer Angie Eissa
Testimonials like the one above from Angie help promote awareness of IIBA and give us a stronger voice. A recent studyshowed 75% of people said they made a decision about a brand based on a conversation with a peer. We are highly social animals and people trust people - not advertisements.  
We want to hear from you, and share your great experiences. And let's face it - selfies are all the rage and a lot of fun. So, take that picture and share your stories with your peers.

How to send us your Selfies & Stories:

IIBA has created a form with questions aimed to help provide your testimonial and share your Selfies & Stories. We encourage you to complete this form to:
  • Upload your selfies & stories - and give us the right to use them
  • Showcase another volunteer who has inspired you
  • Share with IIBA Members and your local communities the impact your volunteer contributions have made

Ideas for your selfies & stories

  • Professional development event volunteers
  • Volunteers at your Chapter booth
  • Chapter study group leaders
  • Mentors working with Mentees
  • VCN connecting with local Chapter volunteers
  • Regional event volunteers
  • Chapter milestone celebrations
  • Volunteers at local Chapters receiving recognition plaques or certificates
  • Selfies with staff at your local "speaker events"

Where you might find your selfies & stories

We are looking forward to promoting the great work that our volunteers are doing. Watch for these testimonials on and your local Chapter website. Selfies & Stories may appear on the home page, volunteer page, special event registration pages, volunteer applications, at the bottom of emails, newsletters, in volunteer marketing materials, in our posted volunteer opportunities, in our annual report, on your local Chapter website and the list goes on. Watch for further details.
Thank you to every single IIBA volunteer for helping us make a difference!